CIPHER Seminar Series


On the 11th day of February 2022, DSCI and Ashoka University jointly as part of the CIPHER Initiative conducted the first of the CIPHER Seminar Series; a quarterly dialogue between industry professionals on contemporary issues that arise on account of emerging technology and tech policies.

This seminar was graced by two industry professionals: Nitin Dhavate (Country Head, Data Privacy), Novartis and Nikhil Narendran (Partner), Trilegal. The session was moderated by Anisha Koshy, a member of the DSCI team. As part of the dialogue, the speakers explored privacy enhancing techniques in light of the proposed Data Protection Act 2021. The format of the event allowed speakers to present their ideas in the initial leg of the seminar followed by a specific Q&A session for each speaker and a general Q&A session where questions from the audience were entertained. Nitin Dhavate explained the different methods by which an organisation can enhance the privacy of the data they collect and the feasibility of some of those methods. Nikhil Narendran focused on the legal aspects relating to privacy enhancing techniques.

The event was attended by more than 350 participants. The audience included participants from government departments, private organisations, and academia. The next CIPHER Seminar Series is proposed to be held in April 2022.


Nitin Dhavate

Nitin Dhavate

Country Head – Data Privacy, Novartis

Nikhil Narendran

Partner, Trilegal